This article is going to lớn talk about "The disk is write-protected" error on USB flash drive sầu & SD card. It explains possible causes và solutions lớn remove write protection for USB drive sầu và retrieve data when this error occurs. If you are troubled by this issue for the moment, you can read this guide before giving up the disk.

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What is "write protection" on USB disks?Causes of USB write-protected errorHow to add write protect lớn a flash drive?How to remove write protection from read-only USB drive?Solution 1: Cheông xã the drive sầu for a physical lockSolution 2: Disable write protection in RegistrySolution 3: Use Commvà Prompt lớn remove sầu write protectionSolution 4: Cheông chồng trương mục permissionSolution 5: Make sure the USB drive sầu isn"t fullSolution 6: Ensure your USB drive sầu is không tính phí from virusSolution 7: Format the disk write-protected diskSolution 8: Verify bad sectorsHow to lớn recover data from write-protected flash drive?Free flash drive sầu data recovery softwareSteps to lớn recover data from write-protected flash drive

What is "write protection" on USB disks?

Write protection on USB flash drives or SD cards is a handy function aiming lớn prevent accidental tệp tin deletion và bloông chồng suspicious files like virut và un-authorized sources. External data storage devices are very comtháng devices và they are widely used these days, as they are portable and users can take them anywhere they want. When a USB disk is write-protected, it turns into read-only. In that case, any action to lớn add or edit data inlớn that disk will be denied. All attempts related to writing action will be prevented, such as add or create new file, edit existing data, delete files that already present, formatting current USB disk, etc. Another reason people only give sầu readable access lớn their storage device is to prsự kiện others from sharing content stored on the disk.

When you try lớn write data to such disk you"ll get error message "The disk is write-protected. Remove sầu the write-protection or use another disk." as shown in the picture below.


However, this feature may become a headađậy if it is not properly used or USB drive is corrupted. In that case, the error "The disk is write protected" will drive you crazy, as you can"t access data on that USB drive and the only option to lớn fix it might be format write-protected USB complete, which won"t be an easy job. What"s worse, if files on that drive are important to you, formatting won"t be a wise choice, for formatting wipes data. Thus you need to disable or remove write-protection from USB disk first. Let"s look at a real case found from a forum:

"I recently bought a new laptop that installs Windows 10. I have sầu four USB flash drives and one of them is now marked "write-protected" for no reason, as I didn"t vị anything khổng lồ it. I found a solution for windows XPhường & tried on my own computer. But it didn"t remove sầu write protection. I just want to copy files from the USB disk khổng lồ computer và then reformat it. Can you help me on the write protection removal thing on Windows 10 computer or retrieve sầu data?"

Causes of USB write protected error

This error may appear for several reasons và this section lists the most common ones.

Read only switch

Many memory cards & USB flash drives have a small physical switch on the side edge. The switch is used to mix write protect và makes the drive read only.

The flash drive is full

If the flash drive is full of files và does not have sầu miễn phí space và it is likely to be write-protected. You can right-cliông xã on the disk & choose Properties to lớn kiểm tra how much không tính phí space available on the drive sầu.

Security settings

Some computer uses or administrator of the machine phối security setting on computer to prsự kiện actions to lớn write data to lớn a USB disk. You need to remove sầu such settings by modifying settings in registry.

The Read-only property

If you set files or folders on existing on the drive khổng lồ "Read Only", you"ll receive this error message when copying, editing or replacing files. In that case, you need khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ tệp tin Properties khổng lồ check whether the "Read-only" option is selected.

Virus attack

Virus can infects everywhere data exists & cause various issues such as data damage, tệp tin loss, system crash, storage device failure, etc.

Drive sầu is broken or has bad sectors

If causes mentioned above sầu can"t tài khoản for your case, it is likely your removable disk is broken or gets bad sectors. The disk might be old and just reaches its natural lifespan, as many disks have sầu limitations on the amount of reading and writing data. Besides, normal read or write actions can"t be done to bad sectors, thus you may need to lớn seek help from disk verifying tools.

How khổng lồ add write protect lớn a flash drive?

If you have sầu stored some important data on your flash drive sầu, then it"s a good choice to enable the write protection before inserting it lớn computers which is not well protected by an-virut software. There are chances that flash drive sầu infects virus when connecting lớn public computers. Although write protecting on USB drive is not the foolproof action khổng lồ prsự kiện people from editing or deleting your data if they know how lớn disable this feature, it is better than keeping flash drive sầu in open mode. Here is a handy tutorial khổng lồ add write protect.

Method 1:

Examine the flash drive or memory card và find out the switch. You can move sầu the switch to lớn the lochồng location to lớn enable the write protection for the device.

Method 2:

Set drive security permissions

Step 1Right-cliông xã the drive sầu letter associating with the flash drive sầu in Windows Explorer & select "Properties" from context thực đơn.

Step 2Click Security tab on the Properties Window, select "Everyone" under Group or user names and click "Edit" button.

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Step 3On the "Permissions for Removable Disk" Window you can see a section named "Permissions for Everyone" and two columns of kiểm tra boxes. Cheông xã those under "Deny" for items lượt thích Full Control, Modify and Write.

Step 4Cliông xã Apply và then Ok button.

How lớn remove sầu write protection from read-only USB drive?

Solution 1: Chechồng the drive sầu for a physical lock

Many USB drive & SD cards have a physical lock switch which can turn on & turn off write protection. Thus you need to examine whether the flash drive sầu enables this loông xã. Cheông chồng the left or right edge to find out the switch. If the switch is in the Loông chồng side, just move it to lớn the unlocked position. If this method can"t solve sầu the write protection error, please try following solutions.


Solution 2: Disable write protection in Registry

Editing registry is another way lớn fix "The disk is write protected" error. Write protection can be enabled in Windows registry và it is not easy to lớn write on USB devices. If you disable this feature via registry editor you can regain read và write privileges on removable drives. Here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1mở cửa Registry Editor. Click Start button & enter "Regedit" in searching box & press enter key. If you see prompt given by user tài khoản control, cliông chồng Yes. Alternatively, you can get Registry Editor by typing Regedit.exe in Run commvà which can be opened by pressing Windows and R keys.

Step 2In the left part of Registry Editor, navigate to:


Find out StorageDevicePolicies and open it. If it does not exist, you can create one. Right cliông xã on Control and choose "New" và "Key" and name it as StorageDevicePolicies.


Step 3Click StorageDevicePolicies key in the left and right-clichồng the empty area on the right side. Select New & DWORD (32-bit) Value. Then change its name to WriteProtect.


Step 4Double clichồng the WriteProtect key & enter 0 in the Value data box và click OK. Cthất bại Registry Editor và re-plug your USB drive sầu.


Solution 3: Use Commvà Prompt to remove write protection

Read và write attributes of UBS disk can be modified from Windows Commvà Prompt with the help of a simple commvà line. You can follow steps here to clear write attribute for flash drive or SD card.

Step 1mở cửa Commvà Prompt.

Cliông xã Start button and enter cmd in searching box. Then right cliông xã "cmd.exe" from the searching danh mục và choose "Run as administrator". Cliông chồng Yes, if you get UAC prompt.

Step 2Type in diskpart & hit Enter.

Diskpart command is a Windows built-in tool for disk partitioning and it is able lớn change values related to lớn USB drives. If you got the error "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. See the System Event log for more information", the storage device might be physically damaged.

Step 3Type the following commands one by one and press Enter key after each commvà.

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